What are your goals for the new year? January is a month of self-reflection, resolutions, and new starts. Although sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming thinking about and implementing all the changes to make. This month, we encourage you to focus on the positive, ambitious goals you have, while also throwing in a healthy amount of patience and kindness for yourself. Take it step by step and day by day. 

Here are some New Year’s playlist suggestions to help you start the wheels turning. The entire Solex family is rooting for you and cannot wait to see what you accomplish in 2022:  

  • Abundance, wealth, and success (QR)
  • Concentration, determination, and finish (QR)
  • Memory, focus, and clarity (QR) 
  • Resolve (QR) 
  • Success (QR)
  • Addictions – Insert custom one (QA)
  • Rock Rose (QFL)
  • Gentian (QFL)
    • Abundance, wealth, and success (QR)
    • Determination (QR) 
    • Integrity (QR) 
    • Prosperity (QR)
    • Successful (QR)
    • Self-confidence – Self Esteem (QA) 
    • Wealth Prosperity (QA) 
    • Larch (QFL)
    • Root Chakra (CH) 
    • Energy (QR)
    • Immune Support (QR)
    • Inner Peace (QR)
    • Sleep Well (QR)
    • Mastering Stress (QA)
    • Mood Support (QA)
    • Weight Management (QA)
    • Hornbeam (QFL)
    • Walnut (QFL)
    • Heart Chakra (CH) 
    • Confidence, Self Esteem & Love (QR)
    • Health, Strength & Recovery (QR)
    • Love, Forgiveness & Gratitude (QR)
    • Unlimited Creativity (QA)
    • Relationship Enhancement (QA)
    • Accelerated Learning (QA)
    • Cherry Plum (QFL)
    • Gorse (QFL)
    • Throat Chakra (CH)

    QR = Quantum Reach
    QA = Quantum Affirmation
    QF = Quantum Frequencies 
    QFL = Quantum Flowers 
    CH = Chakra