Pets Scan Frequently Asked Questions

The Pets Scan by AO Scan Technology is a scan specifically created for your pets!

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you learn more about this incredible scan. If you have any questions about Pet Scan, please email us at, and we will include your questions on future FAQs.


Can I add supplements and therapies for my pet?

Not at the moment, but this is something that’s already in the works! We’re excited to make this available for your pets in the near future! In the meantime, please do not add your pets’ supplements in the “Supplements/Therapies” library for humans. The algorithms for pets are different than the algorithms for humans; this may skew your scan results and won’t show the most accurate scan information.

Which scans are available for pets currently?

Right now, the scan available for pets is Vitals Pet Scan. In the Vitals Pet report, you will see Pet Harmonics at the top of the report, which is one of the newest features for pets! Pets Harmonics is the Inner-Voice version for pets. We’re working on adding more scans for your pets, such as Comprehensive and others. We’ll continue to update you with new additions to AO Scan Technology, so stay tuned!

Does my pet need to use the headset (Bone Conduction Transducers) when doing Vitals Pet Scan or Pet Harmonics?

No, the headset transducers are not necessary when conducting a Vitals Pet Scan on your pet.

Is the Pet Scan available for all pets and animals?

Currently, the Vitals Pet Scan is only available for dogs, cats, and horses. As the Vitals Pet Scan develops and the correct anatomies of other animals are added to the program, the scan will become available for more species.

How do you create a pet profile in the AO Scan program?

Pet Plus + was designed around the needs of most common animals; dogs, cats, and even horses! However, there are no restrictions on which animals can consume Pets Plus +. What we do want to emphasize, and want you to keep in mind, is the size of the animal.

  • On the home screen of AO Scan, click on the button that has your name at the top of the screen (your profile).
  • A dropdown menu will appear. Select the ‘Pets/Animals’ option.  
  • Next, click on the plus sign ‘+’ next to the ‘Pets & Animals’ title.
  • You will be directed to a new page where you will need to input the information of the pet or animal you want to add.
  • Enter the name of the pet or animal.
  • Select the species. If your pet is a dog, cat or horse, and your pet is a mixed breed pet, you may select up to five breeds to make their profile as accurate as possible. If your pet is not a dog, cat or horse, select the ‘other’ option and specify their species in the box below.
  • Select the gender.
  • Enter the birth month and year of your pet or animal. You may also use the month and year of the adoption of your pet if you do not know their birthdate.
  • Enter the pet ID. If you have purchased Solex’s Negative Ion Pet Collars, you will find the ID on the blue tag.
  • You will need to take or upload a photo of the pet or animal you are creating the profile for. You can capture the photo by tapping on the photo box. You may also upload a photo in your photo library by selecting the ‘Upload’ button.
  • Select ‘Save’ when done. 
    What do I use as an ID number for my pet’s profile in the scanner?

    To create a profile for your pet, you need an ID number. Here are our top three recommendations:

    • Silicon dioxide (diatomaceous earth)
    • Kaolin
    • Reed-sedge peat
    • A negative ion collar from Solex. Not only will your pet receive the benefits of the negative ions and Si Bin from the collar, it also includes an ID number for your pet’s profile.
    • If your pet has a microchip, use that number for the ID.
    • Create a unique ID number by using the pet’s date of birth, followed by the first initial in the pet’s name.
      Ex) My dog Champ was born on January 1, 2020. His ID would be 01012020C.
      Can I still use AO Scan Technology for my animals/pets that are not dogs, cats, or horses?

      Yes, there are a few features/scans that we definitely recommend! Some great options we suggest are Broadcasting, which is found in SEFI, and Quick Scan.


      How do I read Pet Vitals Scan reports?

      The Vitals Pet Scan report reads similarly to the Vitals Scan report for humans. The difference, you ask? The Pet Vitals Scan has Pet Harmonics in it. The rest is very similar to a Vitals report for humans.

      After the Pet Harmonics section, the report will show you all the areas in
      your pet’s body that are in range and the ones out of range. The green circles represent the areas in range (or in balance) and the red circles will represent the areas that are out of range (or not in balance). The report includes sections about gastrointestinal functions, blood, nutritional analysis, physical functionality, and toxicities.

      In addition, you will also see a section about Chakras for pets! This is something that is also on the Vitals report for humans. In the report, the Chakra section will tell you where your pets chakras are located, whether they are balanced or imbalanced, and what they mean.

      What is Vitals Pet Scan?

      The Vitals Pet Scan reads the energetic state of your pets’ biology to identify which areas are out of balance. The scan then sends optimizing frequencies to teach the body how to come back into balance.

      How do I run a Vitals Pet Scan on my pet?

      Performing a Vitals Pet Scan on your four-legged best friend is super easy! Follow the steps below:

      • Before you can begin a Vitals Scan on your pet, you’ll need to create a profile for them. You can create their profile under the ‘Pets & Animals’ section. Please refer to question number 4 on this document and follow the steps provided.
      • Before you begin a Vitals Scan, click on the ‘Scan Target’ to change the profile that will be scanned. This is located below the ‘Scan’ button. A dropdown menu will appear with all the names of the profiles you have created in your account. Select the profile you created for your pet.
      • Select ‘Scan’ when you are ready to begin the scan.
      • When the scan is completed, make sure to select ‘Optimize Frequencies’ to optimize your pets’ frequencies. This button is located towards the bottom of the screen.
      • When the frequency optimization has been completed, tap the ‘Reports’ button to review your pet’s Vitals Report.
      • Tap the ‘Email’ button to email your reports. The email button is located next to the ‘Reports’ button.



        What are Pet Harmonics? What is its purpose?

        Pet Harmonics is like Inner-Voice for humans! From the results of the Vitals Pet Scan, AO Scan Technology will identify your pets’ emotional imbalances and then generate tones that are unique to your pets’ energetic needs. The tones incorporate radionics, binaural beats, and other frequencies to support the balance of your pets’ emotional wellbeing.

        How and where can I find Pet Harmonics?

        After performing Vitals Pet Scan, and after ALSO having optimized their frequencies, click on the report button to see the report from the scan you just performed. At the top of the report, you will find Pet Harmonics. Click on them individually and have your pet listen to them to help balance any emotional imbalances. Your pet does not need to wear headphones to listen to Pet Harmonics.

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