Steps to share the Alpha3 Pass

Steps to share the Alpha3 Pass

The Solex Alpha3 Pack includes 6 passes that you can share with 6 different recipients. Each pass will grant users access to ALL the features offered in the AO Scan Technology program for 3 full days.  

Steps to share the Alpha3 Pack

1. Purchase an Alpha3 Pack in your back office. Each pack comes with six 3-day passes Your new passes will populate in your AO Scan account.

Solex back office:

Image of Solex back office login page

2. To see them, simply log in to the AO Scan program on your device. Image of the AO Scan Technology Login Screen

3. Click the ‘Menu’ button at the top-right corner of the screen (three horizontal bars icon) 

Image of the menu bar icon

4. Click on ‘Alpha3 Passes’.  Under the ‘Management Tools’ section.

Image of the Alpha3 Passes button.

After clicking this screen will appear that will allow you to manage your Alpha3 Passes.

Alpha 3 Pass Screen

5. Click the ‘Send Alpha3 Pass’ Button. Image of the Send Alpha3Pass Button.

6. A pop-up window will appear with a form. Fill out the ‘Email Alpha³ Invitation’.

Email Alpha³ Invitation form

6. Click the ‘Send’ Button.

Image of the Send button

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