How our customers are using GOLD Samples!

An image of 3 gold sample packets

Solex has some of the most clever and innovative customers, and we absolutely love it! With the recent launch of GOLD samples, we have received countless suggestions from customers on how they are using GOLD samples for themselves and other things they love.  

 We have compiled a list of some of these brilliant ideas, and we hope you can use them in your daily routines. This powerful blend of fulvic minerals is derived from nutrient-rich soils and ancient plant matter, and is packed with organic mineral elements, as well as other trace nutrients. 

* If you have any additional suggestions on how to incorporate Gold in your routines, please send them to our Customer Support at, or comment below. We’d love to know how you are incorporating GOLD in your life! 


  • Add to smoothies (store-bought or homemade)  
  • Add to salsas or sauces (store-bought or homemade)
  • Add to homemade jam ingredients (homemade)
  • Add to popsicles ingredients (homemade)
  • Add to crockpot recipes
  • Add to soups (store-bought or homemade)
  • Add to seasonings when preparing meals
  • Add to cake or cookie batter
  • Add to pre-workout drink
  • Add to hot drinks (hot cocoa, tea, coffee, apple cider)
  • Add to guacamole ingredients
  • Add to salad dressings
  • Add to marinades
  • Add to applesauce or puddings
  • Add in honey or syrup
  • Add in pancake mix
  • Add in ice cream
  • Add in melted butter/ cooking oil
  • Add in cereal with milk
  • Add mashed potatoes ingredients
  • Add in stir fry’s
  • Add in yogurt


  • Add to water for plants or home gardens
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