One of our wonderful QLAs, Jessica Zevallos, shares her experience of the AO Scan with a client suffering from burns. Read about her experience and how the AO Scan played a big part in her client’s recovery process.

“My favorite client testimonial so far using the AO Scan. This sweet girl had a horrible accident and was burned and was not able to open her eyes for days. Almost a week. A couple of hours after Emanuel Zevallos did a body code session on her and I sent her 10 SEFI frequencies from my AO Scan device, she was able to open her eyes, her swelling is going down, she is acting more like herself!!! Makes my heart so, so happy!!! SO grateful for both modalities and the results we are seeing with our clients and family daily!! Grateful Dr. Bradly Nelson and Loran Swensen were inspired to create both, The Emotion Code & The AO Scan, and thankful all healing is done through Christ and his healing power. 

Jessica Zevallos

Here are two SEFI playlists we suggest using to help with burns and traumatic experiences:


  • Health, Strength & Recovery (QR)
  • Pain Free, Healing & Stamina Burns; General (QF)
  • Skin Inflammations (QF)
  • Skin Problems #1 (QF)
  • Skin Problems #2 (QF)
  • Trauma (QF)

Traumatic Experiences

  • Confidence, Self Esteem & Love (QF)
  • Pain Free, Healing & Stamina (QF)
  • Anxiety (QA)
  • Depression (QA)
  • Stress and Tension (QA)
  • Mood Support (QA)
  • Rock Rose (QFL)
  • Gorse (QFL)
  • Heart Chakra (CH)

QR = Quantum Reach
QA = Quantum Affirmation
QF = Quantum Frequencies
QFL = Quantum Flowers
CH = Chakra

**AO Scan Technology is not a medical device. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.