“At Day of Discovery, Tammy Ward mentioned that she had been doing the EZ scan 3 times a day. I had not thought to do that, so since I’ve been home, I started at least 2 times a day and then this week I developed a very painful, itchy rash on my face supposedly caused by an allergic reaction according to the doctor – although a friend muscle tested and said it was shingles- so since the rash started I have been running the EZ scan 3 times a day plus doing the morning scan and adding Inner-Voice here and there. I also ran full vitals and comprehensive once this week, and then running SEFIs most of the day and night for this rash and boy am I starting to really see some patterns and some things I need to work on.  The rash is going away and is not as painful and I am learning so much about what’s going on with my body in the process!!  I have been taking allergy medicine as prescribed by my doc and broke down and took a prednisone today although I’m contemplating imprinting those to see how they work without the side effects and stress on my liver and kidneys.  
Tammy said to me this morning “I think many of us don’t realize the power of this seemingly simple device!! , if we just use this thing to it’s potential, we can have greater results!! “ which is so true!
The reports were so intimidating to me that I struggled with using it all the time, but now as I’m learning more and playing more with it, I am finding it’s empowering more than intimidating although sometimes it can be overwhelming. I love that the EZ Scan gives short and sweet details, and I can see what is going on right there. 

Thank you Solex for this amazing technology!!” 

Tina Zufelt’s

**AO Scan Technology is not a medical device. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.